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Is your risk analysis aligned with your organisation?

03 October 2023
Everyone knows the importance of risk analysis in business – but aligning it to your organisation is equally vital.

Join NQA Regional Lead Assessor Claire Harling as she discusses why you should identify risks specific to your organisation (and not just the obvious ones, either).

Need the presentation slides as well? Download them (.PDF format) here.

What does the video (originally a webinar on 29th September) cover?

  • An overview of the importance of risk analysis

  • Optional methodologies your organisation can use

  • Why generic risks can work negatively towards your organisation

  • PLUS: an interactive Q&A session

Who is the video for?

  • UK organisations / non-UK organisations (in any industry or sector)

  • Existing / potential NQA clients considering ISO certification

  • Existing NQA clients looking to improve their management system(s)

Stay on top of risk analysis with this webinar – no matter what curveballs get thrown your way.