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NQA achieves another year of sustainability

07 November 2023
As NQA Global continues to strive towards a more positive future, our UK and Ireland operations lead the way with carbon neutrality.

For the past four years, NQA UK has calculated and reported on our carbon footprint – with the goal of becoming carbon neutral. This milestone was first achieved in 2022 (using the 2021 data period), followed by 2023 having the same success!

Today, NQA can proudly announce our continued status as a carbon neutral organisation for all UK and Ireland operations, including NQA training.

Aligning NQA UK with PAS 2060

As a global certification business, we recognise the importance of adhering to the same robust and responsible journey as our clients – in this case, PAS 2060 (Carbon Neutrality).

The internationally recognised standard offers a framework for demonstrating and achieving carbon neutral status, with NQA UK applying its first-hand experience of PAS 2060 to support clients to do the same.

Some of our PAS 2060-aligned efforts have included:

  • Reporting on our emissions

  • Reducing our carbon impact

  • Procuring recognised carbon offsets

  • Documenting the journey through a Qualifying Explanatory Statement (QES)

For the 2022 data period, our total carbon footprint was 222 tonnes.

NQA UK’s carbon ambitions in 2023

Fast forward to 2023, and NQA UK set a goal to not only build upon these carbon neutral claims but also streamline the process internally.

Going into the second year of conforming to PAS 2060 drew many advantages: colleagues understanding the need to share data and having existing documentation available are just a few examples.

A year-on-year reduction in emissions is one of the key requirements of PAS 2060, either on an absolute basis (i.e. a reduction in the total amount of carbon emissions) or an intensity basis (e.g. a reduction in emissions per headcount or service provided).

Some of the ways we have achieved this in 2023 are:

  • Measuring carbon emission reductions per on-site audit day delivered

  • Continuing to transition NQA UK’s car fleet to electric

  • Working with supply chain partners on energy-saving opportunities

  • Updating internal policies and incentives

NQA UK has also invested in an India-based carbon offsetting project via a recognised and verified provider. The credits purchased support renewable energy development, bringing several benefits to the local communities of our colleagues over at NQA India.

The future of sustainability at NQA UK

Net zero is an ambitious goal, with carbon neutrality a critical step of this journey. NQA UK is excited to continue working towards a greener future, both internally and for our valued clients.

Learn more about the environment and carbon neutrality by visiting NQA UK’s Sustainability Hub.

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