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NQA is a leading assessment, verification, and certification body, with over 50,000 active certifications globally.

As our certification services must remain impartial, we operate an Associate Partner Programme (APP) instead. This programme supports clients in finding credible management system implementation experts like you.

The APP offers a range of initiatives to develop your performance, ensure best practices, and ultimately support your every ambition.

We are always looking for new consultants to join the APP, so why not come on board today?

How to become an APP consultant

Download the APP Application form to apply today.

If you have any queries, call 0800 052 2424 or email app@nqa.com.

Benefits of joining the APP

1. Business promotion

As an NQA partner, we guarantee to:

  • Promote your services to our clients

  • Send business prospects directly to you

  • Offer APP-member-only training rates

  • Provide exclusive use of the NQA APP logo

  • Supply you with a single point of contact

2. ‘Meet the NQA assessor’ events

Attend our regular, informal regional events to meet NQA assessors and company directors.

These events are a fantastic way to:

  • Stay updated on any process changes

  • Discuss key industry topics with peers

  • Learn how NQA can support your ambitions

3. Partner-hosted events

Hosting your own client event? Ask NQA to come along to add that extra touch of authority.

We can organise keynote industry speakers and assessors to attend your event. In turn, you can enjoy attracting the best clients to your business.

4. Commendation certificate

As an NQA partner, we want to celebrate your every success.

That’s why we award each of your clients who gain certification with NQA an exclusive commendation certificate.

5. Consultant and software referrals

NQA is often approached by clients looking for help implementing their management systems.

If you’re the best consultant for the job, we will send them to you (letting you know beforehand, of course).

6. Online content promotion

APP members are always welcome to submit hot-topic content to prove their expertise and reputation.

It includes blog posts published on the NQA website, social media, and our monthly email newsletter to over 17,000 subscribers.

7. Training support

NQA hosts a range of CQI and IRCA-certified training, with special discount deals for all APP members.

Use our training courses to maximise your credibility, learn a new ISO standard, and much more.

What consultants say about NQA

"NQA Assessors are very professional, thorough and helpful in their approach.” John McGrath

"The NQA name is held in high esteem and their customer service backs this up.” Morton Hodson

"I have a very strong bias toward NQA and always recommend them to my clients.” Peter Swann

What clients say about NQA

Find out what clients like most about NQA:

“NQA’s pragmatic approach to auditing and its understanding of our business and knowledge of the industry we are in is excellent.”

“NQA is a straightforward organisation – there is no fuss, no confrontation and no hidden fees!”

“NQA’s auditors adopt a very practical approach. They have the ability to quickly understand how our organisation functions within the requirements of the standard. The auditors also help to increase our understanding of the standards and how they apply to our processes."

The NQA promise

ꭗ  We don’t and won’t charge travel and expenses for audits within the UK
ꭗ  We don’t and won’t charge hidden costs like certification fees or admin fees
ꭗ  We don’t and won’t increase audit time for transitions unless necessary
ꭗ  We don’t require a mandatory gap analysis audit prior to transition or certification
ꭗ  We don’t and won’t charge premium prices
ꭗ  We don’t and won’t request unnecessary audit days

✔  We will provide all-inclusive and transparent prices
✔  We will deliver excellent customer service 
✔  We will provide added value through our audits and reports
✔  We will ensure our auditors are technically competent for your industry, not just a standard
✔  We will provide FOC Transition support material
✔  We will provide free e-learning courses and webinars to help you develop
✔  We will listen to you at all times
✔  We will increase our offering to support you in future certifications

Accreditation and impartiality

In accordance with the accreditation standard ISO 17021-1:2015:

  • NQA does not provide consultancy services, to remain impartial from management systems implementation.

  • NQA shall not imply that certification would be simpler, easier, faster or less expensive with an APP consultant.

  • APP consultants shall not indicate that NQA certification would be simpler, easier, faster or less expensive with their services.

NQA and APP logo use

APP consultants are entitled to use the logos provided under these set conditions:

The APP logo…

  • Can be used on marketing collateral, websites, social media pages, letterheads, email signatures and stationery.

  • Must only be displayed where the respective consultants’ business logo is also present.

  • Shall not be recoloured, cropped, stretched, or displayed below 24mm wide (square version) and 50mm wide (rectangular version).

NQA encourages all clients to cross-reference consultants displaying the logo with the APP.

  • Download the APP logos here.

  • Download the NQA logos here (and the guidance here).