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Meet Our Partners - Global QA Consultants

23 February 2021

This month's Meet Our Partner is Global QA Consultants, find out how they can help you get optimum results from your management system.

What standards can you help NQA clients with?

  • ISO 9001 - Quality Management Systems

  • ISO 27001 - Information Security Management Systems

  • ISO 27701 - Personal Information Management (PIM)

  • ISO 22301 - Business Continuity Planning & Management

  • ISO 14001 - Environmental Management Systems

  • ISO 45001 - Occupational Health & Safety (formerly OHSAS 18001)

  • ISO 50001 - Energy Management

  • FSSC 22000 - Food Safety Management

  • HACCP - Food Safety Management

Additional Global QA Consulting services include:
  • BS 1012
  • Highways Schemes (NHSS)

About your company

Global QA Ltd, t/a Global QA Consultants have been trading for over 30 years and since that time have grown into a small team of consultants working nationwide, Ireland and sometimes overseas in the implementation of International & British Standards and industry specific schemes.

The standards we work with are predominantly ISO & BRC Global standards covering areas such as Quality, Environmental/Energy management, Health & Safety and Information Security/Privacy Management & Business Continuity.  Our information security consultants are also GDPR specialists and can help with any issues you may have regarding the processing of personal data. We also offer data protection officer services.

We have extensive experience across a huge range of industries having worked with in excess of 2000 companies, particular areas of expertise are the food chain and highway contractors.

We assist our clients with implementation without hassle, create added value and guide them through the entire certification process – working to a fixed cost which comes with a guarantee of success ensuring that clients have that peace of mind knowing that by using a professional service like ours their certification needs will be met.

Why do you like working with NQA?

We love the openness of NQA, the ease of getting through to the right person and them taking the time to ensure our issue or concern is dealt with thoroughly.

The global stance of NQA is a big plus for several of our clients who export, meaning their customers are more familiar with the logo/brand than a UK only based CB.

We benefit as being part of the Associate Partner Programme as it gives our potential customers that confidence of previous successful audits and the relaxed attitude through the certification process where we can “hold their hand “from start to finish.

We have worked with NQA for over 20 years so our relationship and connections have developed over time even as people have moved on and been replaced, meaning NQA are one of our first point of calls for certification for our clients

Top tip for people looking at certification?

Do your research if using a consultant, there are many who claim to know what they are doing but the reality can be different.

Ensure you use a UKAS accredited Certification body as more and more blue-chip companies and local authorities are becoming aware of the difference between UKAS & non UKAS.

If going for certification alone, know the standard, many auditors (and consultants!) believe certain clauses must be met in a certain way, but you may view it differently, you are allowed to be correct!!

What do you find is the most common point of misunderstanding regarding certification or specific standards when visiting clients?

We have found that since the change to 2015 businesses don’t maximise the technology that they have already got, some clients are still in the old school thinking that ISO is all about paperwork ….but it isn’t!

Use what you already have to meet clauses of the standard if you can, you don’t have to have paperwork for everything!

Think outside of the box, ISO 9001 in particular has developed so much since BS 5750, there is more freedom in the way you can meet standards and clauses, but make sure you know the standard if questioned by an auditor!

Is there anything else you'd like to let our readers know?

Make sure to follow our Twitter and LinkedIn pages as we try and share blogs and information you may find interesting and of use.

For those football supporters, we have extended our CSR programme and this season developed our partnership with Port Vale Football Club, the club has done so much for the community through Covid-19 so GQA have become the shorts sponsor for all teams including the first team, so keep an eye out for our branding should we pull out Manchester United on the TV!

For more information please visit us at:

Website:  www.global-qa.co.uk

Are you considering NQA Training but not sure which way to turn or which course to book? Our Journey Guide will will point you in the right direction.


* Disclaimer:

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