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Environmental, Social, and (corporate) Governance

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What do we mean by ESG?

ESG is a commonly used acronym which stands for Environmental, Social, and (corporate) Governance. Analysis and evaluation against these three categories help organisations to consider different areas within their overall sustainability. Many businesses will use ESG to align objectives against and report their performance on as part of an overarching strategy.

Historically investors have focussed on the governance aspect of an organisation; ensuring a profitable organisation that is compliant with legislation. However, today, investors are viewing the Environmental and Social aspects of ESG with just as much importance, forcing organisations to embrace more sustainable and collaborative activities in the day to day management of the business as well as the long term strategic objectives.

What do we mean by ESG?


Unsurprisingly this section looks at issues surrounding climate change and actions to address an organisation’s environmental responsibility. This will vary dependent on the industry, but you would typically see businesses explore criteria such as energy sources, waste management, and pollution for example. On top of this, greater understanding and transparency within an organisations environmental behaviour can help to assess risk and in turn mitigate it.

NQA offer training and certification solutions for the below environmental standards:

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Social criteria are based around the relationships an organisation has with its stakeholders. This is often associated with employees of a business and looks at a broad range of topics including employee wellbeing, fair and competitive pay, benefits and human resource related policies amongst many others. Considerations are also made in wider business relationships such as supplier relations, local community action and government work.

NQA offer training and certification solutions for the below social standards:

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Governance criteria focuses on creating a business environment that is fair, transparent, and accountable. Consideration of this area is typically sought out through compliance of relevant standards and regulations whilst ensuring a profitable and robust organisation.

NQA offer training and certification solutions for the below governance standards:

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Why is ESG so important?

Improve performance by setting relevant KPIs

Provide transparent and representative data to stakeholders

Adhere to compliance requirements

Make cost savings and reduce operating costs

Enhances brand reputation

Improved stakeholder satisfaction

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