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Weatherhead Shop Designers Case Study

26 March 2024
Carbon reduction is at the forefront of the construction industry, with Weatherhead Shop Designers trailblazing the way with ISO 14064-1 (Greenhouse Gas Inventory) verification.

*Note: This blog uses URL links from NQA UK's Sustainability Hub throughout. If your business is based elsewhere in the world, please get in touch with NQA in your country to learn more about sustainability.

Transforming commercial spaces

Weatherhead Shop Designers are the experts for commercial fit-out services, including construction and electrical works.

The company specialises in transforming new spaces and refurbishments in their hometown of Plymouth and nationwide across the UK. They also operate an Equipment Rescue Centre (ERC), removing and transporting equipment from client stores to be stored, repaired and re-sold.

Sustainability is at the heart of Weatherhead Shop Designers, achieving ISO 14064-1 (Greenhouse Gas Inventory) verification in 2023.

Keep reading to learn more about their commitment to sustainability with ISO 14064-1.

The drive for a more sustainable future

Creating a greener, more responsible world is a top priority for Weatherhead Shop Designers.
The company has increased their focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in recent years, driven by the awareness that organisations not joining the carbon reduction journey are falling behind the industry curve.

Weatherhead Shop Designers achieved ISO 14064-1 (Greenhouse Gas Inventory) verification with NQA in November 2023 to bolster their sustainability claims.

Quoting Weatherhead Shop Designers: “We felt that ISO 14064-1 would be most suitable for us as we could incorporate the new processes and procedures into our existing integrated management system, which makes maintenance more manageable.”

Partnering with NQA as a long-term client

As mentioned above, Weatherhead Shop Designers already has an integrated management system. They have been a valued NQA client since 2021, with three integrated ISO standards to their name:

This existing relationship meant that Weatherhead Shop Designers knew who to turn to for their ISO 14064-1 verification: NQA.

According to the client: “We are currently preparing for recertification and have found the ongoing support from the auditors and the customer service team to be excellent.

The ISO standards we are certified to give our clients and suppliers an increased confidence that our management systems are robust and of high standard.

What are the benefits of using an accredited certification body? Read our blog on the topic.

Constructing a process for ISO 14064-1 verification

Step 1: Understanding the ISO 14064-1 framework

Weatherhead Shop Designers invested time in developing a deeper understanding of the requirements and putting the appropriate processes in place.

The purpose? To ensure their information was relevant, accurate and up to date.

A member of their team also completed the NQA PAS 2060 Understanding and Achieving Carbon Neutrality virtual training to boost the company’s overall knowledge of carbon reduction.

Enhance your own journey to sustainability in business with our virtual training courses.

Step 2: Using a methodology to calculate emissions

Weatherhead Shop Designers adopted a specific methodology, one in accordance with ISO 14064-1 and GHG Protocol and recommended by their consultant, Sustainable Footprints.

They used the UK Government’s reporting conversion factors for the emissions calculations, which are readily available and updated annually.

Citing Weatherhead Shop Designers: “Initially, we found it relatively straightforward to calculate our scope 1 and 2 emissions. However, when we looked into scope 3 and the requirements for ISO 14064-1, we found it to be a bit of a minefield, and it became apparent that we required some upskilling in the field.

Geri at Sustainable Footprints provided additional in-house training and supported us through the process from start to finish. Working with Geri gave us the knowledge and confidence in our abilities to maintain the systems we implemented going forward.

Not sure what scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions refer to? Check out our carbon planning blog.

Step 3: Taking part in the ISO 14064-1 assessment 

Once Weatherhead Shop Designers had the ISO 14064-1 framework and processes in place, it was time for NQA to visit.

Our lead verifier was Stephen Burt, supported by Claire Harling. Both verifiers were friendly and supportive, with Stephen checking in remotely throughout the course of the day and Clarie visiting us in person.

They were incredibly knowledgeable and outlined each step of the process, which helped put our anxieties at ease! The opening and closing meetings were thorough, and any questions we had along the way were answered.

In November 2023, Weatherhead Shop Designers received the green light: their ISO 14064-1 assessment had been a success!

The green benefits of ISO 14064-1 verification

Benefit #1: Upskilling the team
“Going through the verification process has forced us to upskill, not only the team directly involved but also the wider workforce.”

Benefit #2: Inspiring colleagues
“Through engagement, we have found that our colleagues are inspired by the carbon reduction journey we are going on and that our values align with the importance of the environment and our communities.”

Benefit #3: Industry advantages
“Becoming ISO 14064-1 verified has given us a competitive edge among our peers. You would expect companies with a verified system to be large multi-million-pound companies with teams of people behind the scenes keeping it ticking. However, we have demonstrated that it’s also possible for SMEs to attain and has proved to have numerous benefits.”

Benefit #4: Ahead of the curve
“Although we are [now] beyond the remit for current legislation, we intend to be leaders in our field, creating a more sustainable future for our communities. Achieving ISO 14064-1 within the last six months has created a solid base for us to build on our future goals.”

Going green, today and in the future

Weatherhead Shop Designers’ long-term plan is to sign an SBTi Commitment Letter, a science-backed validated plan to reach net zero in the next couple of years.

They are also installing solar panels and an EV charging point at their Plymouth head office – and will soon introduce electric pool cars.

Not only that, but Weatherhead Shop Designers will continue reducing their carbon impact by developing their Equipment Rescue Centre (ERC) and other initiatives. This will involve working with their clients and suppliers to establish what these initiatives look like, supporting local communities along the way.

Final thoughts from NQA

NQA thanks Weatherhead Shop Designers for outlining their journey to ISO 14064-1 (Greenhouse Gas Inventory) verification with NQA.

The company continues to pave the way towards sustainability in the construction industry, building upon the more traditional ISO standards with ISO 14064-1.

We are confident in Weatherhead Shop Designers’ environmental commitment and look forward to seeing what major milestones they reach next! 

Learn about sustainability standards like ISO 14064-1. Visit the NQA UK Sustainability Hub.

Take the next step in your certification or verification journey. Speak to an NQA expert.

Download a PDF version of Weatherhead’s case study here.